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    IT Audits

    VARtek’s IT Audit  is an objective third-party assessment of your school’s existing IT strategies and capabilities. Our audits give schools valuable insights and data and the opportunity to partner with VARtek to develop a plan for reshaping their technology investment and improving the performance of their operations teams and IT environments. The audit covers the following six areas:

    Vision and Strategy

    VARtek reviews your IT strategy, philosophy, and vision for technology-based learning. We also assess the strength of your overall IT leadership. 


    We work with your school’s financial personnel to capture data that provide an in-depth understanding of the school’s total IT spend and return on investment.


    VARtek performs on-site assessments of the operations team, evaluating team members’ skills and their ability to resolve issues in a timely manner.

    Infrastructure & Assets

    VARtek visually inspects your infrastructure and documents the condition, functionality, and age of your assets.

    Technology Integration

    Our audit team assesses the school’s overall ability to integrate technology into the learning environment and to give teachers the professional development and coaching support they need.

    We gather feedback from teachers, staff, and administrators through group dialogue, one-on-one interviews, and an online survey. We collect information on your network, equipment, and finances through documentation you provide to us as well as observations during on-site visits. 

    We analyze all of the data and feedback and develop an in-depth Audit Findings Report that details the strengths and opportunities for improvement in each of the six audit areas. We also provide recommendations for improving accountability, efficiency, and sustainability in those categories. 


    VARtek supports your priorities--service you need, when you need it.



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