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    11 / 03 | MICHAEL HOSFORD | IT Leadership

    Technology is the backbone of your school--it affects and supports everything from the classroom to the boardroom to the lunchroom. Staffing your technology department with the appropriate number of qualified technicians should be a top prioirity. And it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Here are three steps to take to get you thinking and moving in the right direction.

    Step 1

    Know your goals. Building a 1:1 program? Going Google? Need to upgrade the network or replace hundreds of computers? Your priorities will dictate the kind of talent you need in your IT department. Look for team members, or a service provider, certified and experienced in implementing the environment you're looking for.

    Step 2

    Know your team. Take an honest, objective look at your IT team members. Theymay be loyal, long-time employees; but if they don't have the tech education and skills to deliver on your goals, you're not going to achieve them. You may have to make some hard decisions in order to take your technology team to another, more effective level.

    Step 3

    Calculate staff ratio. You should have one full-time IT employee for every 1,000 students. If your ratio is above or below 1:1,000, you're either over- or under-spending on tech department team members. Consult an advisor with experience in IT staffing and budgeting--someone who knows how many team members you need to accomplish your goals and how much you should be paying them.


    VARtek Founder/CEO