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    06 / 25 | DAN MOLLOY | IT Leadership

    A great school technology team needs to be great at more than just fixing technology problems. It should excel at customer service. On a basic level, excellent customer service is about being courteous and making sure users are satisfied with the solution you provide. On a deeper level, it’s about clear and consistent communication, responsiveness, commitment, and passion.

    Communication: The most effective technicians discern and adapt to a user’s level of technology sophistication and talk about IT issues and solutions in terms the user can understand. They also communicate regularly with school leaders about broader issues such as the team’s performance, the school’s IT strategy, and the functionality and potential of the IT environment.

    Responsiveness. Many technology issues can take just a few minutes to solve. Some take a day or two. And some require weeks of planning and a month or more to implement. Whatever the scope of a particular IT need, your technology partner should respond quickly by setting clear, realistic expectations for meeting that need—and then meet it.

    Commitment. The best school IT providers are committed to delivering the right technology at the right time. They also are dedicated to continuous improvement, making sure they are always aware of changes in the tech industry and are following current best practices.

    Passion: A strong school technology team is passionate not just about computers and networks but about the opportunity to create an IT environment that supports learning goals and student achievement. An IT leader works with administrators, teachers, and students to develop effective IT strategies and integrate relevant technology in the classroom.

    The customer service you receive from your technology service provider should get high marks in all of these areas—from one-on-one interactions with students, teachers, and administrators to the management of the overall IT environment. Whether your IT department is internal or you partner with an outside provider, make sure the team is staffed with technicians and managers who make service their number one priority.


    Vice President - Client Services