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    11 / 03 | DARLENE WAITE | IT Leadership

    Is your school thinking about outsourcing your school’s IT but worried about handing over this important element of your operations to an outsider? There are lots of misconceptions about what outsourcing partnerships look like—especially between public institutions and private vendors. Here are some new ways of thinking about the outsource options.

    Myth #1: We will lose our IT employees.

    Truth #1: Many outsource providers will hire current qualified team members. You also can write employee retention into your contract.


    Myth #2: We will lose control of technology decisions.

    Truth #2: You can choose a provider who values partnership with clients and makes decisions based on your vision.


    Myth #3: An outsource contractor will low-ball the big and raise prices after the contract starts.

    Truth #3: You can choose a fixed-price provider and lock in your annual investment before the contract is signed.


    Myth #4: Public accountability suffers with a private contractor.

    Truth #4: Contracts with public institutions are public record. Your IT agreement is open for review and assessment against performance.


    VARtek President & COO