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Technology Integration

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    Technology Integration

    Technology is transforming teaching and learning. Devices are becoming more affordable and more available, and the Internet is giving students and teachers access to a world of information at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen.

    But having access to the latest technology and having access to the right level of technology are two different things. Innovative technologies offer their greatest benefits only when teachers and administrators have the skills and support to leverage them.

    VARtek’s Classroom Technology Coaches (CTCs)™ help teachers develop those skills and can create technology-based learning environments that drive student engagement and achievement.

    As we conduct audits of school IT environments across the country, we hear this refrain: “Our school invests in all this great technology, but I don’t know how to use it in my lessons, and I don’t have time to teach myself.”

    This is where a CTC comes in.

    VARtek CTCs are certified educators who have managed their own classrooms. They understand teachers’ challenges and opportunities and deliver integration instruction and coaching that teachers value and respect. They also are certified in the latest technical and education-related platforms, such as Google Apps for Education (GAFE). They can shorten a teacher’s learning curve and provide backup while the teacher experiments and becomes comfortable with a device or application.  

    There’s nothing more frustrating for administrators and teachers than having access to technology but not knowing how to integrate it to take student learning to the next level.

    VARtek’s approach to transforming learning with technology is rooted in a research-based model developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura.

    It’s called the SAMR model, and it helps teachers avoid substituting traditional teaching and learning methods with technology-based methods without added benefit.

    By using SAMR and offering professional development sessions, VARtek helps teachers use technology in innovative, meaningful ways. This helps schools get a higher return on their technology investments.

    Don’t risk losing value to underperforming technology. Let VARtek help you create a clear strategy for making sure teachers have the technical and pedagogical support they need to leverage the tools you provide.


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