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Student Achievement

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    Student Achievement

    School gets done differently now. It’s not uncommon to see a classroom of students composing papers on Google Drive, using Chromebooks to take online assessments, or having a web video conference with peers on the other side of the country—or the world.

    Textbooks are starting to collect dust in closets, while more and more students access up-to-the-minute digital information about social studies, science, and language arts. Kids are just as likely to do their math homework through an Internet portal as they are on a worksheet. And teachers are assigning and watching group projects come together in real time, as students create content in shared documents with such online tools as Google Drive.

    Technology has become more powerful, more affordable for schools to purchase in large quantities, and easier to manage. As a result, today’s students are expected to be comfortable with and experienced in all forms of technology when they graduate from high school and move on to college and careers.

    The goal of everything VARtek does as an IT outsourcer is to ensure students are achieving their potential through the use of technology in the classroom. With our expert teams of technicians and former educators, we have the resources our clients need to ensure they invest in and use technology that supports curricular goals and will help students succeed, now and in the future.  

    If we can be part of helping students move beyond the social use of technology and to use it to increase and demonstrate their understanding of content, develop an ability to collaborate, and make new connections, then we have succeeded.

    We have seen evidence of this success at all grade levels—we see it in students’ work and we hear it in their voices.

    “I get so excited when my teacher opens up the iPad cart,” says a fourth grader at Retta Brown Academy in El Dorado, Arkansas. “I know we are about to do something really fun.”

    A music teacher at All Saints Academy in Winter Haven, Florida, says she watched the shyest boy in the class come out of his shell during a project in which he wrote, recorded, and edited music on the computer.

    Students at Hamilton City School District in Ohio can’t express with enough enthusiasm how much they love technology and how important it is. To everyone. Watch these videos and hear them for yourself: “Camp Invention,” and “The Best Thing About Technology.

    Student achievement is what it’s about. It’s our clients’ goal. And it’s our passion.



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