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    VARtek culture is an entrepreneurial culture.  It’s also the culture of an established, professionally managed organization. Like a start-up, we are lean. We don’t have multiple layers of management. Employees often wear more than one hat. And when a project calls for all hands on deck, you’re likely to see the owner and the president working alongside the rest of the team to meet the deadline. 

    Like a more-seasoned company, we have a deep understanding of our customers and we respond strategically to market changes. We also have processes, policies, a clearly defined vision, and values that we continuously reinforce—all of which help us know the expectations and meet our goals. 

    VARtek culture is about celebrating successes and learning from missed opportunities. When we get it right, we identify what worked so that we can replicate our success. When we get it wrong, we diagnose where we went off track so that we can come up with a better strategy for next time.

    We work hard to keep our company healthy. We work just as hard to keep ourselves healthy. We give team members tools and strategies to improve their overall wellness, organizing exercise classes and competitions, encouraging and providing food for healthy diets, and offering healthy lifestyle education opportunities. 

    Quality of life outside of work is part of our commitment to team members’ wellness. We want employees to have balance in their lives. We know that family and other personal events don’t always happen after 5 p.m. or on the weekends, and employees have the flexibility to meet these obligations. 

    When our team members are satisfied and successful, the company is successful. When you join VARtek, you join a culture rooted in the belief that every person has a role to play in the success of the organization. We ask each person to bring his or her best to work every day. We measure our performance against our goals. And we reward efforts that help us achieve our vision: to be the education industry's first choice for technology-empowered learning.

    Employee Speaks

    “VARtek is a small company that strives very hard to provide a big company feel, while maintaining a close family concern for its people.”


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